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Wetsuit Repairs & Alterations




Please fully dry your wetsuit and remove all sand to ensure the best possible repair or alteration. 



Head to the surf shack to drop off your repair & alteration needs.

Not a local? No problem! Shipping to us is easy. Call us to arrange the details.



Keep your ticket handy and wait for our call when your item is ready. No need to call us—we'll reach out to you! Please note, repair and alteration times vary, but typically take

2-3 weeks." 

Moonbeam D.

"Went back again recently for a wetsuit repair. They are so helpful. Suit is like new with a diaper fast turn around time!"

Zachary B.

"They had their shop renovated and it's a lot more inviting than before. I recently had them order me a custom fin and they got it here before the weekend so I could surf! Awesome attitudes and extremely professional, support this business whenever possible!"

Adam C.

"Blown Out Surf Shack was great. Great selection, great prices, great people. Didn't ask, but obviously family-owned. They run a great shop. They were super helpful, chill, and take pride in their work. They treated me like family even though I'm from out town and couldn't make up my mind. I highly recommend these guys."
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